Drilling Rig
Mechanical Drilling Rig DC Drive Drilling Rig AC Drive Drilling Rig Combined Drive Drilling RigTruck Mounted Drilling RigFast Moving Drilling RigHydraulic Drilling RigOthers and Spare Parts
Workover Equipment
Crawler-type WorkoverTruck Mounted Workover
Wellhead Equipment
Christmas TreeCasing HeadTubing HeadCasing HangerTubing HangerCasing Spool Tubing SpoolBottom Connection Of Casing HeadSecondary SealWellhead SystemOthers and Spare PartsTesting Pressure GaugeDrift BarTee、CrossTree CapFlangeTest PlugWear BushingLock ScrewSeal RingValve-Removal PlugGland
Offshore Drilling Platform
Fixed Drilling PlatformJack-up Drilling Platform Semi-submersible Drilling PlatformDrilling Ship
Rig Components
HookTraveling BlockTop DriveHook BlockSwivelCrown BlockRotary TableDrawworksMud Pump and Pump PackageHydraulic Disc BrakeElectric Control SystemDrilling InstrumentCCTVTelecommunication SystemBOP Handling SystemDeadline AnchorOthers and Spare PartsDCR Driller ConsoleDerrick and Substructure
Solids Control Equipment
Solids TankStrorage TankShale ShakerMud AgitatorVacuum DegasserDesanderDesilterCentrifugeMud CleanerScrew ConveyorJet Mud MixerDegasser Centrifugal PumpOthers and Spare Parts
Water Based Drillng Waste Management System
Drying Shale ShakerPressure FilterScrew ConveyorCuttings Collection BoxOthers and Spare Parts
Oil Based Drillng Waste Management System
Cuttings DryerHigh Speed CentrifugeScrew PumpScrew ConveyorCuttings Collection BoxOthers and Spare Parts
Drilling Tools
Manual TongElevatorSlipsLinksBushingsDrill BitsDrill PipeHeavy-weight Drill PipeDrill CollarKellyCross OverJointDrill Tool StabilizerDrilling JarDrilling Shock SubHydraulic power tongHydraulic Power UnitSpinning Wrenchkelly spinnerIron RoughneckHydraulic CatheadAir WinchOthers and Spare PartsFloat ValveBit breakerPipe wiper
Motor and Generator unit
Main MotorGenerator UnitOthers and Spare PartsAuxiliary Motor
Drilling Accessories
High Pressure HoseDrilling LineHydraulic CylinderCable,Plug and SocketHammer UnionRIG MATSCampSlingsLightingOthers and Spare Parts
Cementing Equipment
Single Engine Single PumpDouble Engines Double PumpsSlurry Mixing TruckCementing Storage TruckAir Compressor SkidFluid Supply TruckVertical Cement Tank
Cementing Tools
Cementing BasketCasing Centralizer Stop CollarTop Cementing Plug Non Rotating Bottom Cementing Plug Non Rotating Stage CollarCementing HeadCasing CentralizerFloat Collar and Float ShoeOthers and Spare Parts
Completion Tools
PackerPerforating GunDownhole Isolation ValvePluggerGas Lift ValveOthers and Spare Parts
Logging Equipment
Logging TruckProduction Logging SystemWireless Logging While DrillingNumerical Control Logging SystemElectronic Logging ThermometerElectronic Logging Pressure GaugeLogging CCL SystemCable Logging Drawworks
Fracturing Equipment
Fracturing TruckLiquid Nitrogen TruckBlender TruckInstrument TruckFracturing Liquid Mixing TruckPlunger PumpOthers and Spare Parts
Fishing Tools
Fishing MagnetJunk SubFishing SpearRealise OvershotJunk BasketTaper TapDie CollarWear ShoesFishing Bumper SubHydraulic Shock AbsorberHydraulic Jar IntensifierHydraulic Internal CutterMechanical Internal CutterMechanical External CutterOthers and Spare Parts
Well Control Equipment
Ram BOPAnnular BOPDiverterChoke and Kill ManifoldAccumulator SystemOthers and Spare Parts
Ball ValveButterfly ValveMud valveGlobal ValveCheck ValveSafety ValveChoke ValvePlug ValvePlunger ValveGate ValveOthers and Spare PartsOver-Flow Valve
Drill PipeCasingTubingCasing CouplingCasing jointTubing CouplingTubing JointCoiled TubingSeamless PipeLSAWSSAWERWWelded PipeGalvanized Welded PipeHot Induction Bend PipeThread ProtectorDrill Collar
Water Treatment Chemicals
Scale InhibitorOil RemoverDeoxidizerAlkaline RegulatorBactericideSalt InhibitorCorrosion and Scale InhibitorOil Well Corrosion InhibitiorWaster Water Corrosion InhibitorReverse DemulsifierPolymer FlocculantInorganic Salt Flocculant
Gathering and Transportation Chemicals
DemulsifierPour Point DepressantFriction ReducerViscosity ReducerCorrosion InhibitorPre-DehydrantCrude Oil DeformerPipe Cleaning AgentGas Hydrate Inhibitor
EOR Chemicals
Drilling Fluid Additives
Pluggig AgentFluid Loss AdditivesDrilling Mud ClayWeighting AgentTackifierFoaming AgentDefoamerClay StabilizerPipe-freeing AgentDrilling Fluid LubricantCorrosion InhibitorEmulsifierDilution Dispersing Agent
Cement Slurry Additives
Fluid Loss AdditivesSwelling AgentFriction ReducerDefoamerFoam InhibitorsRetarderReinforcing AgentToughening AgentDry Strengthening AgentCementing AgentGas Channeling ResistantCmenting Isolatiion LiquidHigh Strength Glass BeadMicrosilica
Production Chemicals
Paraffin RemoverParaffin InhibitorProfile Control AgentWater Shutoff AgentPlugging and Crosslinking AgentViscosity ReducerClay StabilizerCleaning AgentDisplacement AgentDefoamerFoaming AgentWater Damage Treatment Agent
Fracturing Chemicals
Plant GumLow Damage Fracturing FluidCeramsiteQuartz SandResin-coated SandCrosslinking AgentEncapsulated BreakerCleanup AdditivesTemperature StabilizerFiltrate ReducerTemporary Plugging AgentFoaming AgentWell Killing liquidBactericideSand Consolidating AgentEmulsion InhibitorFracturing SynergistFriction ReducerProppant
Acidizing Chemicals
Multi-hydrogen AcidRetarded AcidMicellar AcidCombined AcidPolyacidComposite AcidCorrosion InhibitorThickening AgentFoaming AgentDefoamerPlugging RemoverTemporary Plugging AgentSludge InhibitorCleanup AdditivesMutual SolventFerric Ion Stabilizer
Seal Element
Oval Ring GasketO-RingStem PackingSeal Ring
Electronic Equipment
Exploded-proof LampCircuit BreakerContactorControl PanelFuse SwitchFrequency ConverterRelayPower MetersIndicator LightTemperature SensorTransformerPressure SensorPCBAFPCBABallastAlarm ClockAir conditioningEncoderLCDCapacitorComputerFlowmeter
Standard Compoment
CirclipWasherEye BoltScrewBolt-NutPinBearingAssembly Parts
Heat Treating Furnace
Resistance Furnace
NDT Equipment
X-ray Detection MachineUltrasonic Flaw DetectorMagnetic Detection MachinesPenetrant Flaw Detection Agent
Pressure Gauge
Electronic pressure gaugeHigh Pressure GaugeHydraulic Pressure GaugeVacuum Pressure Gauge
Raw Material
CastingForgingSteel PlateSteel PipeSection Bar
Other Products
Anti-Slip MAT (Rotary table)Cutting Machine-Hose Bladder AccumLoctite Thread sealantFall arrestorInsulatin VarnishGas Detection SystemGrease gunAir CompressorkitWashing MachineWater HeaterCraneSolar panelAir HornGrinding WheelCable CutterSeal Tape
Safety shoesSafety capSafety Gloves
Marine Products
AnchorAnchor WinchesChain Hoist
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