Responsibility of Quality

Responsibility of quality: effective control quality of supplier's product, can be divided QC & QA.

QC: Quality control

1. Audit the supplier's management of the measuring tools and check their calibration records and certificates of the measuring tools;

2. Responsible for measure and record of the products on-site, and complete the final inspection report;

3. Responsible for inspection of the first article, and make the sample report of PPT and full dimension report of excel; 

4. Assist the supplier to control and analyze the non-conform products and improve their process; 

5. Assist the supplier to complete the root cause analysis and corrective action report for non-conform products;

6. Assist the supplier to complete their 8D report; 

7. Review the quality documents of suppliers; 

8. Train suppliers to know the product quality and implement the quality inspection; 

9. Review the ISO certificate and API certificate and certificate number of the new supplier if any new suppliers want to join;

QA: Quality assurance

1. Assist suppliers to develop quality control plan and monitor products’ quality throughout the whole process according to their status of quality;

2. Regularly evaluate suppliers' quality control and improvement plans;

3. Establish inspection standards and targets for product quality;

4. Opinions and judgment on the relevant treatment of non-conform products;

5. Solve customers' quality problems, meet the quality requirements of external customers, and constantly improve customer satisfaction of product quality;

6. Solve customers' quality problems, meet the quality requirements of external customers, and constantly improve customer satisfaction of product quality;

7. Responsible for collection, interpretation, translation, training and preservation of various standards; 

General Terms

Party A: Purchaser 

Party B: Manufacturer 

Party C: WellsLink Technology (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd 

WellsLink and Manufacturer both parties through friendly consultation, in line with the policy of equality and mutual benefit, make an agreement on the inspection standards of product and process.

1. The Quality Inspection of Raw Materials 

1.1 The quality of raw materials should be checked and guaranteed by the manufacturer. The manufacturer shall be responsible to any quality issue related to the product supplied or delay in delivery due to the raw material supplied. WellsLink requires manufacturers to submit formal raw material report and responsible to review the report. The raw material is deemed to comply with the manufacturing requirements in whole or in part. 

1.2 The inspection standards and methods of raw materials shall be prepared by the purchaser and shall be subject to the contract documents or the agreement between purchaser and manufacturer.

2. The Quality Control of Manufacturing 

2.1 The manufacturer shall provide and confirm the necessary design and process documents to WellsLink & purchaser; purchaser to affirm the feasibility of implementation and provide improvement suggestions; the final proposal is confirmed and strictly followed by the manufacturer.

2.2 The manufacturer responsible for keep records of all production inspections, while the purchaser can inspect the process control and quality records of the manufacturer's production process at any time if not affect the normal manufacturing. 

2.3 The manufacturer is solely responsible for the quality problems if failed to follow the design and process standards. 

2.4 The manufacturer has the responsibility to promptly provide feedback to the purchaser and WellsLink if any quality problems be found in the production process, and shall make the follow-up specific corrective actions: rework or scrapping, and inform them to the purchaser and WellsLink timely. 

3. The Quality and Inspection of Product

3.1 The quality of the API product must meet the API standards or purchasers’ special requirements

3.2 The purchaser and manufacturer shall agree on all other quality and inspection standards, by the manufacturer to implement and by WellsLink to conduct on-site inspection in accordance with the relevant documents.

3.3 Manufacturers ensure that any batch of API products, the pass rate not less than 98%, the whole system pass rate no less than 99.5%. 

3.4 WellsLink quality personnel is responsible to process inspection and final inspection of API products to ensure that the products meet the requirement of drawings, contracts, standards and the requirements between buyers and sellers. 

3.5 The manufacturer informs WellsLink quality department one week in advance of the product intervention inspection point, to give time for arranging the inspectors to the manufacturer for field inspection; the inspectors arrive at the inspection site and all the products shall be ready for inspection 

3.6 All the measurement instruments used for inspection by the manufacturer shall be in good condition and have been calibrated or certified by the relevant national qualification institution or personnel. All the measuring instruments shall be affixed with a qualified label within the validity period to ensure that all measuring instruments are in use and are in normal use; the manufacturer's quality personnel must provide supplementary testing and all other ancillary work. 

3.7 On-site inspection:   At the site, WellsLink quality personnel must use the drawings confirmed by the purchaser and the manufacturer, and the drawings preferred to be stamped and confirmed by the purchaser; a copy of the original drawings can be provided to WellsLink quality personnel.  The manufacturer must submit product reports, dimension self-inspection reports and all necessary test reports; 

WellsLink quality personnel on-site inspection: 

3.7.1 Dimension record, according to the processing of the first article and last piece, and ensure that all the factors in the processing (such as: personnel, shifts, procedures, tools and blades, machine, material, etc.) unchanged, if you have change of any an key factors, re-perform first article and last piece dimension record; critical dimension record, according to each batches in the following "table one"sampling proportion;  Table one

3.7.2 Visual inspection: full quantity. 

3.7.3 Mark visual inspection: full quantity. 

3.7.4 Performance testing: in accordance with the above table 1 "sampling ratio" implementation; 

3.8 When the final inspection is completed and qualified, WellsLink issued a product inspection report. 

3.9 All the products after past inspection can be proceed to packaging, delivery, shipping and other related procedures.  

3.10 On-site inspection of non-conform products, manufacturer proceed per internal non-conforming product control procedures for the corresponding disposition; whenever necessary, shall submit 8D report to the purchaser and WellsLink; if products scrapped, start the corresponding compensation procedures.

4. Other Quality Assurance Measures

4.1 The manufacturer guarantees that its quality management system complies with the ISO 9001 standard and that any changes will be made promptly notified to the purchaser and WellsLink. 

4.2 The purchaser may carry out regular or random written and / or field quality audits of the manufacturer, and the contents and standards of the audit shall be notified to the manufacturer in advance so that the manufacturer to cooperate.

4.3 The manufacturer will keep all relevant production & inspection records agreed by both parties, including the processing records of qualified and NC products, the notice of change of any engineering (craft) technology provided and confirmed by the purchaser, and the documents finally confirmed by both parties.  

4.4 The WellsLink and the manufacturer can establish a regular quality conference mechanism, the specific details of which are negotiated separately by both parties.

5. Validity of the Contract  

5.1 The quality of any product should be signed by buyers and sellers.

5.2 The manufacturer should take all the responsibility for the quality of the product due to their failure, such as the in-sufficient inspection of the raw material, failure to strictly follow the technical quality standards recognized by both parties and / or unauthorized alteration of the technical quality standard. The manufactures should exchange or repair the product, and bear all the costs incurred.

5.3 The manufacturer is solely responsible for any quality issue and / or delayed delivery due to defects in the raw materials, design issue and / or process documentation defects provided by them. If result in producing loss to purchasers, the manufacturer should be compensated to the necessary lost as well.

5.4 According to the acceptance criteria of the product quality agreed upon by the buyer and the purchaser, WellsLink quality personnel shall carry out on-site inspection to the manufacturer's factory. If the manufacturers have two consecutive batches or five batches of NC products within one calendar year, they shall provide root cause analysis and corrective and preventive actions report according to the requirement of WellsLink. WellsLink will decide whether to unilaterally terminate membership agreement according to the result of manufacturer rectification. 

5.5 The manufacturer's product quality will be subject to purchasers’ acceptance in the end. 

6. Others  

This annex is in duplicate, manufacturers and WellsLink each hold one copy, and shall be equally authentic. 


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Inspection Service

Party A: Purchaser full name 

Party B: Manufacturer full name  

Party C: WellsLink Technology(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd  

“WellsLink” and “Purchaser” have negotiated the agreement on the policy of equality and mutual benefit, and the agreement on the quality of the products manufactured by the “Manufacturer” and the Frame Agreement for Inspection Service  Note: The general terms of quality inspection also apply to the provisions of this Frame Agreement for Inspection Service, if any conflict, subject to the latter.  Scope of application: Applicable to purchasers who need WellsLink for paid inspection services 

1. Sign a Paid Inspection Contract  

Prior to purchaser gives the purchase contract to the manufacturer: 

1.1 WellsLink provides quality control services for purchasers in accordance with project requirements;  

1.2 The purchaser should sign a specific paid inspection contract with WellsLink and should notify the manufacturer to perform according to the contract; 

2. Confirmation of ITP (INSPECTION & TEST / QUALITY PLAN)  Whenever the purchaser gives the purchase contract to the manufacturer:  

2.1 The signed paid inspection contract must specify clearly the inspection activities or ITP; 

2.2 WellsLink confirm details of the inspection in accordance to the required inspection activities or ITP that reflects in the inspection contract; develop inspection plan, implementation plan, inspection method, schedule inspection date, and inspector resources with the manufacturer. Besides, WellsLink and the manufacturer should prepare the inspection plan and submit it to the purchaser for approval; 

2.3 The manufacturer shall notify WellsLink at least 5 working days (or agreement between the parties) prior to date of any intervention points, so that WellsLink have sufficient time to arrange a specific on-site witness; 

2.4 ITP includes the following intervention nodes: 

H: Hold point 

This is a mandatory checkpoint. The manufacturer must notify wellsLink quality department or the purchaser designated TPI(Third Part Inspection). The manufacturer only allowed conducting the inspection or testing activities after the WellsLink inspector/TPI arrive at the site. At this hold point, the manufacturer shall not carry out any follow-up work without the written approval of the purchaser and the WellsLink inspector/TPI. 

M: Monitor point 

This is an optional checkpoint. The manufacturer is not necessary to notify WellsLink or the purchaser designated TPI, but if the WellsLink inspector/TPI is just at the manufacturer's site, then manufacturer shall arrange on-site witness activities;  

W: Witness point  

This is a non-planned check point. The manufacturer will notify the WellsLink or the purchaser designated TPI, by the purchaser according to the actual situation, designated a witness point randomly during its inspection plan. The purchaser notifies WellsLink or the purchaser designated TPI at any time, and the manufacturer conducts inspection or test activities after the witnesses reach the scene; 

R: Document/Record Review  

This is a document review and record inspection activity. WellsLink quality department or the TPI designated by the purchaser will review each node file submitted by the manufacturer, the reviewed document/record will eventually be packaged into complete quality documents and submitted to the purchaser; 

2.5 The purchaser needs to list ITP witness content and standard in ITP in detail; 

2.6 The manufacturer notifies the scene witness shall include the following information: 

2.6.1 Purchase order, order number and item number of purchaser; 

2.6.2 Parts identification (purchaser's parts drawings and drawings version numbers, or parts descriptions or reference pictures); 

2.6.3 All other special requirements agreed upon by both parties; 

3. On-site Inspection 

The WellsLink inspector shall perform witness activities at the manufacturer's site in accordance with the intervention points in the ITP:  

3.1 The manufacturer shall assure all parts ready for inspection. These parts should be clean and tidy and discharged in a safe inspection area: no noise, dust, oil pollution and with enough light; 

3.2 The manufacturer's quality personnel shall prepare the necessary inspection drawings, test equipment, measuring instruments and auxiliary personnel (the gauges shall be carried out in strict accordance with the requirements in the general provisions of the quality inspection); and assure the measurement instrument/gages valid for calibration. 

3.3 The manufacturer should perform field tests according to the API or the standards agreed by the purchaser. The number of tests shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the purchaser. WellsLink inspectors shall witness each test session; keep corresponding record and photograph to prepare & submit inspection report to purchaser later. 

3.4 The dimension record shall in accordance with the requirements of the general terms of quality inspection, if the purchaser has no special requirements; 

3.5 The manufacturer shall answer all questions which raised by the WellsLink Inspectors raised for the inspected products. 

4. Problem Feedback 

When the WellsLink inspectors find the problem on the spot: 

4.1 WellsLink inspectors shall give feedback to the purchaser by e-mail timely, if any discrepancies are found on the spot;  Discrepancies may include but not limited to: raw materials do not meet the requirements, dimension out of tolerance, visual defects, performance testing failure, etc. which would cause rejection of the products. 

4.2 WellsLink inspectors should notify the manufacturer promptly if any discrepancies found in the presence of the witness. The manufacturer should stop all subsequent process of the product, complete the root cause analysis and submit corrective action report to the purchaser, and wait for the purchaser’s instruction.  

4.3 The purchaser's disposal:  

4.3.1 Concession Reception: the manufacturer would continue the subsequent processes, completes the part or assembles, delivers the customer's approved mail with the goods at the time of shipment;  

4.3.2 Rework: the manufacturer shall submit the rework plan and finish time to the purchaser, once the purchaser accept rework plan, the manufacturer can carry out the rework of the parts, and the final rework results submitted to the purchaser to confirm after the follow-up procedures; 

4.3.3 Scrap: the manufacturer according to the purchaser’s opinion, proceed all the non-conform products to scrap. 

5. The inspection report 

After the witness is completed, WellsLink inspectors shall:  

5.1 After each witness is completed, WellsLink Inspectors complete the on-site witness report and submits it to the purchaser; 

5.2 The final witness report is compiled, reviewed and submitted to the purchaser after completing all on-site witness activities;  

6. Inspection Fees, Invoice and Payment  

WellsLink Inspection Service Rate  

6.1 Service Rate per Man-Day: According to the inspection of the number of days calculation, calculated on (without tax) $400.00 per man-day;the travel, hotel and catering costs debited to purchaser per actual spend。 

6.2 Service Rate per Purchase Order: According to the size of project, purchaser and wellsLink both sides negotiate a reasonable amount of inspection;   Order number. :   Amount:  

6.3 Payment term: After signIng the contract, should pay for 30% or the amount agreed by both parties, and the left part shall be paid within 10 working days after completing the inspection service. 

7. Validity of the contract  The contract is valid from the date of signIng to the completion of the inspection service and the full payment.  

8. Liability for breach of the contract  Any one party after the contract signIng to default, the breaching party need at least 5 working days to inform the other party in advance, and after mutual agreement, the breaching party need to pay a certain sum of liquidated damages to the other side.  

9. Termination of agreement  After the conclusion of the contract, if any party to terminate this agreement, need to at least 15 working days in advance to inform each other, and with the consent of both parties, the agreement can be lifted.  

10. Others 

This annex in duplicate, purchaser and WellsLink each hold one copy, have the same effect. 


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Authorized representative:  



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Quality NewsImprove product quality and meet customer's requirements.

Several factors can affect quality of product

The WellsLink inspector had a hot discussion about factors that affect quality of product , finally all of them approve the six factors : 1. Raw material storage ,test the appearance of material , mechanical property test ,chemical performance test ,ensure the material conform to the customer’s standard。2. Technology transformation is client’s needs change to processing for product, include drawing conversion , technical specification interpretation , verify number of drawing and version, machining process and so on。3. Machining is machine operator's work, supervision of workshop management ,inspect and team work。4. Manufacturing equipment and machining process is using of machine tool accuracy reasonably, develop the process that meets the actual requirement , make it perfect as long as we can ; 5. Quality management system is a complete set of management methods that for a efficient and expectant result。 6. Inspection is through observation and judgement combine the test to give a reasonable evaluation is the final supervision;To fundamentally improve quality of product, strengthen process control of product manufacturing。

Quality of products-3: Supplier’s Product Quality Status

With the recovery of oilfield and rise in oil prices, the demand of oil and gas equipment is increasing rapidly. The good days suppliers expect have come. Are these suppliers well prepared to welcome this good opportunity?

After 3 years’ adjustment of oil market cycle since 2015, the surviving suppliers are excellent. These suppliers at least have great improvement on the awareness of product quality.

On Beijing CIPPE 2018 WellsLink communicated with quality manager of these suppliers familiar with us. They felt a lot on product quality, in short, “Quantity without quality means zero, and only quantity based on quality is the real quantity.” We believe only those who struggled in pain and made real introspection can come to that conclusion. That viewpoint also resonates with many other suppliers. On the other hand, it also reflects the supplier's pursuit of product quality. In the deep communication with them, we really felt their serious insistence and countless attempts and efforts on product quality. Only through countless quality staff adhering to product quality excellence can the goal of pursuing high-quality products and meeting customer’s requirements be achieved, which is now the supplier’s product quality status.

Quality of products-1:Standard Operating Procedure

Quality, quality refers to the product itself, meet the basic requirements of customers, in strict accordance with the relevant standards, the product planning, design, manufacture, inspection, measuring, packing, transportation, sales and after-sales service, such as the entire process of tracking and into customers hands, make the customer satisfied with the product and use it;Quantity refers to the number of products manufactured and the number of products ordered by customers. In actual manufacturing, petrochemical products, for example, the supplier on the premise of have the API certificate, 90% of the suppliers in making the sample products, over 95% is qualified , that is First Pass Yield, 100% qualified standard is in accordance with customer drawings and material specifications, and other special requirements, here mainly processing components; Then in the batch production after the sample is passed, through inspection before the shipment, the qualified rate is usually around 60%, that is, 40% of the products are judged to be unqualified. So how do suppliers think about the product quality? At the sample stage, supply will devote 100% of manpower and material resources to complete the sample, which use the best process engineer, the best manufacturing technicians, most strict inspectors and methods, the most advanced processing machines, the most powerful management team, etc., and in the mass production of the late, as most of the suppliers have no production samples of the SOP(Standard Operation Procedure), or making SOP is not perfect, or perfect the SOP but not strictly , in this case, products of all kinds of problems will appear, that’s  reason of 60%  unqualified product ,this is the quality situation of most supplier.

Quality of products-2:Product quality is achieved by design + production

The quality of product refers to the sum of the features and characteristics of the product that meet the specified needs and potential needs. Any product is produced to meet customers’ needs.

So product’s quality is achieved by inspectors’ inspection or by design + production? According to my years of experience in producing and quality inspection in the oil & gas industry, product quality can’t be changed by inspection because inspection activites can’t improve product quality. Product’s quality depends on the enterprise’s design level and manufacturing process. That is to say, the excellent enterprise staff is the basis of product quality assurance; and those products made by excellent enterprise employees are of high quality.

Facts proves that those famous companies, such as Cameron, NOV, GE, Caterpillar…follow in accordance with the concept of "product design + production". They organize the product process design before production, and strictly controll every production step, and ensure no quality mistake on each step. Because every step is closely linked, products manufactured in this way are best qualified. After customers’ actual use, they also feed back with high evaluation and reputation.

Therefore, enterprises must adhere to the "four basic principles" in the practice of manufacturing products, namely accurate measurement, sophisticated equipment, excellent personnel and standardized production.

In a word, only when setting up the super quality consciousness of everyone involved, chasing after excellence in design and production, quality personnel diligently pursuing can products be with better quality and can enterprises go higher and further. 

Quality TeamWe ensure the lifeline of product quality and improve product quality with our carefulness and patience, which always meets customers' requirements.

Jason Song
Engineering Supervisor
Work Experience:Cooper Cameron (Singapore Branch), NOV (Singapore Branch), WEIR Shanghai Office (Shanghai Branch); Professional Skill:Decades API experience in manufacturing, processing and inspection; Especially in audit the quality documents of supplier and traceable management for critical parts; Professional qualification:Hexagon CMM operation certificate and UT-2;
Frank Ke
Senior Quality Supervisor
Work Experience:Shanghai Linyuan Machinery Equipment co., LTD.BV (Shanghai Branch) Professional Skill:Specialize in handling the process of API product and quality inspection; Onsite field experience in testing the pressure vessel; Especially in welding and Non-Destructive Test section. Professional qualification:RT-2, VT-2, UT-2, AWS certificate;
Kevin Hu
Quality Engineer (SQE)
Work Experience:GE (Singapore); Oil States Industries (Asia) Pte. Ltd (Singapore) Professional Skill:Excel in the performance of API products; More than 15 years of experience in the quality inspection and supplier management; Especially proficient in the Valve, BOP assembly and test pressure. Professional qualification:PT-2, Physical & Chemical level 2, the Calibration Certificate of the Instrument.
James Zhao
Quality Engineer (SQE)
Work Experience:Keppel Offshore & Marine Professional Skill:Rich field experience in drilling site; Specialized in handling API product and drilling process; Especially for Top drive, Iron roughneck, High pressure hose, and Mud pump Professional qualification:Wellsite work certificate, Equipment debugging certificate, CET-6

Quality Policy Quality first, Service-oriented, Excellence, Customer First.

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