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The WellsLink inspector had a hot discussion about factors that affect quality of product , finally all of them approve the six factors : 1. Raw material storage ,test the appearance of material , mechanical property test ,chemical performance test ,ensure the material conform to the customer’s standard。2. Technology transformation is client’s needs change to processing for product, include drawing conversion , technical specification interpretation , verify number of drawing and version, machining process and so on。3. Machining is machine operator's work, supervision of workshop management ,inspect and team work。4. Manufacturing equipment and machining process is using of machine tool accuracy reasonably, develop the process that meets the actual requirement , make it perfect as long as we can ; 5. Quality management system is a complete set of management methods that for a efficient and expectant result。 6. Inspection is through observation and judgement combine the test to give a reasonable evaluation is the final supervision;To fundamentally improve quality of product, strengthen process control of product manufacturing。

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